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Industrial careers at GLS: jobs for people who get things done

Are you reliable and flexible? Are you a resilient team player who can do their bit? Then join us. We are always looking for depot hall heroes.

There are lots of different tasks to be completed at our locations throughout Germany. Together, all the operational staff in our depots ensure that our customers’ parcels move through our locations quickly and smoothly – and thus reach their destination on time.

Are you an early bird? Or a night owl? Wonderful. The shift system offers you the flexibility you need. From full-time to part-time or even marginal employment, anything is possible. In addition, we are always on the lookout for motivated temporary staff. Get involved.

Fields of work and positions

Details of industrial jobs for operational staff and other industrial employees can be found in our vacancies.

  • Loading and unloading
  • Scanners
  • Pushers

Transport partners and delivery drivers

Working at GLS is full of variety – both for our own employees as well as for our transport partners and their delivery drivers.

GLS does not employ drivers. For deliveries, we exclusively work with independent transport companies. However, you can enquire at your nearest GLS depot or a location of your choice as to whether they are aware of staff shortages at one of the transport companies we work with.

On our information page we are informing about the collaboration with transport partners, about investments and measures and offer an insight into the day-to-day work of delivery drivers.

Tayfun Keskin, Transport partner

Tayfun Keskin started as a delivery driver for GLS and today is a successful transport partner with 50 employees in Tornesch and Neumünster. If required, he also supports other locations throughout Germany. In the interview he tells us his success story, why he is also a psychologist and how the job has changed his life.



How did your career begin?

Back then, ten years ago, I did not have much to laugh about. I was going through a difficult phase and looking for a job. A friend drew my attention to GLS. I seized the opportunity immediately and became a delivery driver for a transport partner of GLS.
At the beginning I still had difficulties, because I had to get used to all the new things. But I realised that this could be the turning point in my life. That is why I have not let up and have given everything.

How did you become a transport partner?

After two years as a delivery driver, I decided to start my own business. The first few years were very strenuous and I have invested a lot of energy into my business. Looking back though, that was the right decision

What do you like best about your profession?

Every day, new challenges arise and I love finding solutions for them together with my team. I am really addicted to it.

Tell us more about your team. What is the mood like in your company?

The mood is great. I can fully rely on each of my 50 employees. As a transport partner you are not only the boss, but also a kind of psychologist. Each employee has a different character and different qualities. I often talk to my delivery drivers to understand what their wishes are and to win them over to the company's goals.
We also go out regularly on a private basis. I always take the opportunity to thank my team because they are the pillars of my success. That is why we always decide together what activities we will do at the next team evening.