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In operations, you manage and monitor the workflows in the network, region or at a location. People, technology, figures, workflows – everything has to fit together for parcel flows to continue unhindered. This calls for planners and makers who keep an overview, manage and monitor. With intuition, understanding of technology and sometimes with a healthy portion of assertiveness.

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  • Transport / operations manager
  • Depot manager / Distribution centre manager
  • Quality management
  • Network processes (infrastructure, HUB, network planning, line haul)

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Christian Gerbig, Manager Quality



Christian Gerbig's job demands a lot of flexibility. His main location is the headquarter, but he is also constantly on the road in Germany for the audits - because quality is the focus of his daily business. In addition to quality control, he also gives colleagues internal training on various topics. What success he has already achieved at GLS and what inspires him in his daily work, he tells in the following interview.


How can we imagine your job?

One of my main tasks is carrying out quality control audits at GLS locations. On site, I check compliance with processes, parameters and quality objectives. I also ensure compliance with ISO, GDP and HACCP certifications. In addition to participating in various projects, I’m in charge of training new employees, as well as being responsible for the further development of the QM and audit system. I also have to ensure QM documentation, and I hold regular internal training courses on a range of topics. 


What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really enjoy working with different departments, GLS locations and employees. I also really enjoy communicating and sharing knowledge when carrying out training and interviews, and when dealing with enquiries. This allows me to make my own small contribution to the quality standards at GLS.

What challenges does your job involve?

Changing circumstances, innovations, or changing framework conditions often mean we have to deal with issues we’ve never faced before. As a result, we have to learn how to work in new areas. Above all, we have to ensure that quality standards remain consistent despite new developments or changes. 


What has been your most successful project so far, and what can you tell us about it?

I think that the in-depth process optimisation that was underway when I joined GLS was very successful. During the process, I was able to learn about various different tasks, circumstances, processes and parameters, and to analyse them. The result of this was the introduction of many effective changes, the simplification of processes, and the integration of new processes. I learnt a lot and built up a store of knowledge which often still helps me today.

What would you say to potential candidates?

The parcel and logistics industry is very interesting. Above all, it is varied. You should look at the job description so that you know what is expected of you, and the skills and qualifications you need to have. Good comprehension is very important, as are teamwork and good communication skills, because dealing with people is commonplace in my area and in other areas at GLS.

For you, what makes GLS special as an employer?

You can suggest or implement your own ideas, approaches and improvements. In addition, if you do your job well there are opportunities for promotion. Another thing that sets GLS apart is the way it supports employees through a range of programmes. I myself benefit from this, as I am participating in a management training programme.