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Whether it is in administration, payroll accounting, training and further education or recruiting: in human resources you are the interface to our employees. You maintain an overview of personnel, accounting and contracts. And you have the right instinct: for new talents, smart heads and the right training and education.

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Annika Rösler, Manager Education & Training



Annika Rösler has been with GLS since 2008 - at the Head Office in Neuenstein. Along with her Education & Training team, she is responsible for training and development at GLS Germany. She is involved in everything relating to learning, training and development. In this interview, she explains what other challenges excite her in this area of the business, and what she likes about GLS as an employer.


How can we imagine your job?

Our activities are as varied as our employees. My team and I regard our job as giving trainees, students and all other employees the best possible support, and to help them develop in terms of their ability, and to help them become stronger in the area of responsibility at GLS. As well as national management and quality assurance of training and study courses, we’re also responsible for the training programmes “GLS Business Administration” and “Management Development Programme“. In addition, there’s the overall organisation, concept and development of seminars for employees. We also work closely with other departments on personnel marketing. On top of all that, we represent GLS at training shows and support the relevant department heads with print material for job adverts and much more besides.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

For me personally, the variety of all the different subjects is the most fun. Above all, development means never standing still, you’re always taking part in a continuous learning process. That’s exactly what I have in my job and I love it. Of course, this learning process is very different for individual employees and certain target groups, which means new subjects, areas of questioning and solutions to problems always come up, and that’s precisely what makes it exciting and interesting for me. Getting GLS employees fit for their role, and developing personally at the same time - that’s what I see my job as, whether as a point of contact for training and development activity, or as an internal speaker.

What was your most successful project so far, and what can you tell us about it?

Of course, there is a wide range of projects which we have implemented successfully and introduced, whether it’s the internal GLS Business Administration training programme, for example, or the career site. The most successful aspect for me actually, is when I see how and where employees develop every year, thanks to our services, and how their careers progress at GLS.

What advice would you give to a potential applicant?

If you’re interested in the subject of personnel development, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our area is always changing - in a positive way. We follow new paths, depending on the different needs of our employees, to make learning easier and to develop both personally and technically. To do this, we need passionate, open people in our team, who can think outside the box and so bring new ideas to the table, and implement them.

What makes GLS a special employer for you?

For me, what’s special about GLS is the opportunity to develop in the different areas. Even as a lateral entrant, at GLS you have a wide range of opportunities if you pursue your aims with passion and energy. And that shouldn’t be taken for granted!