Apprenticeship and dual studies – logistics careers at GLS | GLS careers

A successful start to a logistics career

Internship, apprenticeship or dual studies: at GLS, you put your faith in the future. Lay the foundation for your logistics career with us, in a sector that is developing dynamically and continuously growing.

Expert, motivated employees are the basis of our service. We need creative minds and people who can pull their weight. That is why we continually invest in well-founded training and further education of our specialist employees.

Your prospects are diverse, the career paths numerous – whether it is an industrial, commercial or academic route. Some places might be boring, but not here. Get moving with us!


Good prospects for your logistics career

Whether it is businesspeople for office management or delivery specialists: at GLS, you get a first-class professional apprenticeship – and great prospects in a growing sector.

Dual studies

Double the benefit

Combine practice and theory: with dual studies at GLS, you receive the full package to get your logistics career started. Implement what you learn in practice straight away and look forward to excellent opportunities for promotion.


Test the water

Take a look inside the exciting world of parcel logistics – on an internship during your university studies, as a school pupil or before beginning an apprenticeship with us.